Becky Phipps Crowther

Becky is a Registered Dietitian, mom of 4, and a lover of moss.

At a young age, and out of necessity (mostly because she is the 6th of 10 kids), Becky learned how to either make-do or make things better. She was blessed with a mom who taught her home-grown skills, which included sewing her own prom dress, building a garden box out of an old dresser, and canning home-grown peaches.  Becky’s love for all things vintage continued as she helped her family restore and renovate a beautiful victorian home that they ran as a bed & breakfast. Her design experience helped her successfully renovate and resell properties in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Becky decorating abilities help her see the potential in just about anything and everyone. She believes all mundane tasks can be turned into adventures, and all gatherings should be treated like a party.  She extends these sensibilities to vintage campers, seeing the potential beauty in each camper for its potential.