Emilee Annine Moeller

Emilee is an actress, a former environmental attorney, and bestselling author.

Always a farm girl at heart, Emilee was raised in Washington state on a wheat and cattle ranch. Although the ranch was thousands of acres, she grew up in a small yellow house, which probably accounts for her love of tiny houses.  Emilee’s addiction to vintage trailers began when her grandparents first took her camping in their travel trailer, which she considered her own personal dollhouse. 

In 2015, after months of research and rabid pinning on Pinterest, her addiction culminated in the acquisition of "Bessie," her own vintage trailer. She and her bestie, Becky, fixed up Bessie in only 3 weeks, turning it into a glamorous “she shack” located in Ojai, California. 

Becky and Emilee then created camperchicks.com, a DIY blog with resources and entertainment geared towards other ambitious “glampers.” Emilee loves glamping in Southern California, interacting with the glamping community, and searching for the next awesome camper to fix up!