Melissa Kirry

Melissa’s sewing and fixer-upper skills are the result of an inherited need to decorate everything.  As a child of a traveling military family, Melissa was a witness to a whole-home makeover every three or four years. Every new room was wallpapered and every window framed in curtains.  When her family finally stayed put, they moved into a grand Victorian home that needed over 5,000 square feet of TLC. Melissa learned the skills of paint stripping, window glazing, spindle turning, wood refinishing and, of course, sewing and decorating. 


Her first job after leaving home was as the Design Specialist at a craft and floral shop. Besides designing window and merchandise displays, her job was to take the over-abundance of inventory (mostly unidentifiable wood shapes and fabric scraps) and turn it into items people would love and purchase.

Meliessa also became a florist, and has worked in floral design for 20 years. As a newlywed she discovered that new furniture was out of her budget, and white walls and shabby furnishings assaulted her decorating sensibilities. So, she made due by reupholstering old furniture, painting thrift store finds, and sewing curtains and bedding from bargain fabrics . . . and so she continued the family tradition of home decorating. She has now moved her attention to making neglected travel trailers and campers feel like home.

Melissa currently lives in eastern Washington State with her husband, Clint, and their four children. They spend weekends exploring the wonders of the Pacific Northwest in their 23-foot travel trailer.