Rosemary Hansen

Rosemary has been painting furniture since the 1980’s, using her skills as a self-taught Tolle painter. Fascinated with paint in general, she experimented with using artist acrylic paint on furniture. The result is what she had been searching for, a hard paint that held up to wear and didn’t peal or get gummy. Through the next 20 years she worked as a floral designer for The Window Box, a shop in Layton, Utah. 

As an entrepreneur, Rosemary has started many businesses, and is currently the owner of Rosemary’s GF Milk Paint Sales and Services where she sells her favorite line of paint for furniture and cabinetry. Her company restores used furniture, cabinetry, and doors with techniques that are truly her own. 

 As a child, Rosemary's family went camping at least once a month. Her dad's style of camping was an experience like none other. Their tent trailer was made to look like a Gypsy tent, complete with tie-back curtains for each bed - created with brightly striped red, orange, and gold fabric, and accessorized with tassels. Her dad put an oven in their trailer, and mom made use of it on those trips making delicious dinners and desserts. Rosemary believes her dad was the first glamper, as he really knew how to camp in style. She loved the camping trips, years later found herself teaching young girls how to enjoy camping. 

Rosemary is married to her high school sweetheart, and has raised 6 children. She has 8 (soon to be 9) delightful grandchildren. In her free time she enjoys reading and gardening.